Claquesous ‘unplugged’ in the rare moment when he is changing masks and his face is bare.

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Montparnasse attempted to be as silent as possible, hoping not to disturb the sleeping Claquesous as he slowly slipped out of their bed, into his chair. He'd been fussy all night and refused to say why. He tried to quiet the rolling and clicking sounds of wheels as he made his way for the door, putting on a coat and hat as he went.

Claquesous had been right on the verge of sleep, having woken up naturally during the night and begun drifting off again when he heard Montparnasse’s chair click against the hardwood.

It wasn’t until the younger man was out the door that Claquesous moved, silently, out to follow him. 

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Lenny Kravitz :: The Chamber (2014) (x)
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les mis 69 min prompts: draw someone from patron-minette

Claquesous (someone once mentioned that he and The Phantom are one and the same and that is basically my headcanon now so this happened)

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Claqusous sleeps so silently sometimes Montparnasse thinks he’s dead.

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i haven’t drawn claquesous in a while

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au in which claquesous is the mysterious head of some high end fashion company and montparnasse is a model with a rebellious streak and his own agenda

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Lenny Kravitz - The Chamber; Trailer. 

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